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Board Meetings

DMYHA board meets on the first Wednesday of each month 6:30 pm at the MidAmerican RecPlex

The public is welcome to attend and may address the Board at the beginning of each meeting. If you have an item that you would like to discuss with the board, please email the following information to Scott Long (DMYHA  director of operations) at  before 5:00 pm on the Monday prior to the meeting:

  • Name
  • Phone #
  • Item you would like to discuss with the board

Each member that has submitted a request will be given 10 minutes to discuss their topic.  Members that have not submitted a request will be asked to submit a request to be added to the agenda of a subsequent meeting.  Of course members are always welcome to attend and observe, but please remember if you would like to address the board you must follow the steps above to be added to the meeting agenda.   Each month the board has numerous items to discuss, this will allow us have an efficient and effective meeting.  We appreciate your cooperation. 

Board Member Directory

Tyler Lainson


Jeremy Swanson

Vice President

Lacey Schiesl

Lacey Schiesl


Jade Pospeshil

Jade Pospeshil

Player Development/Coaching Director

Phone: (832) 444-6259

Grant Crowell


Dusty Beenen

Travel Director

Brandon Ewing

House League Director

Monica Hoff


Shane Roenfanz

Risk Manager

Erin Finke

Girls Director


Scott Long

Scott Long

Director of Hockey operations

Phone: 515-491-3703

Tony Weil

DMYHA Skills Director