DMYHA Learn to play hockey


The Des Moines Youth hockey association offers a learn to play hockey program 4 times throughout the season, this program is designed to teach players the fundamentals of the game and prepare them for league play. Session are typically 6 weeks in the spring and summer and 10 weeks in the fall and winter. Each session meets two times per week, with each class lasting 45 minutes. Players are broken up into individual groups on the ice and put through a variety of skills at each practice. There is no games play however on occasion we do allow players to play in a cross ice or full ice scrimmage. The program is open to players aged 4 and above an welcome all skill levels. We do require that a child has some skating instruction either from a learn to skate program offered or from many hrs of skating time on public skate time before they are allowed in the learn to play. We do not allow first time skaters as we don’t have the coaching staff to provide one on one attention.

The learn to play program does require full equipment for our course, we do have a limited number of rental sets available to loan out. These sets have everything for a player except skates and a stick, all players will be required to furnish those items

We are always looking for volunteer coaches to help out with our learn to play sessions, if you are interested in helping out please contact Scott Long for more information


Classes are held on Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons (Subject to availability)


Scott Long


LTPH Summer 2024

This will allow you to register for the Summer DMYHA Learn to play session. Classes begin August 21, practices are held on Wednesday and Sundays until October 6.

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